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Peter James Black Core Collection Cigar Case

The Core Collection cigar organizer is just what you need to hold all the essentials for a quick adventure; a compact and powerful statement piece capturing the consistent quality and timeless all-black design our supporters have come to expect from Peter James.

Features & Storage

Any cigar case worth its leather needs to provide sturdy protection for your cigars. With the Vantage Core organizer, you get:

  • A hand-made in North America case stitched with UV and rout resistant nylon cable. Clean and robust stitching details the shape and features in all the right places, keeping it secure and supported from the inside out.
  • A structured and stylized cigar pouch, enforced with a durable leather-wrapped aluminum tray for crush proof storage. The cigar organizer comfortably holds three sixty-ring-gauge cigars measuring seven and three-quarter inches tall and 4 cigar accessories.
  • Peter James believes we cigar lovers would be lost without our cigar accessories, so we designed the core cigar organizer to provide plenty of storage, including 3 large storage compartments and one spine compartment without worrying about the wear and tear