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Peter James Cognac Forest Handmade Leather Organizer

Sometimes it’s good to get a little lost in the woods. Let the earthy tones of the new Cognac Forest edition of the Generation IV luxury cigar organizers bring you home after a long journey. We made this beautiful piece with mother nature in mind, so come back to your roots. At Peter James, we like to create things that can weather the storm, so you can take your tobacco with you on any kind of hike you take in life. With that timeless and classic look of real leather, this hand-made aficionado accessory is nothing less than built to last.


The warm and classic core of that Cognac brown leather is tanned with the very tree bark it takes its name from, along with other natural ingredients. This method lets leather workers use thicker materials to produce a tough, durable leather that endures, and can keep up with whatever the journey throws at it.


Any cigar organizer worth its leather needs to provide sturdy protection for your cigars. With the Forest organizer, you get:

  • A durable and stylized center pouch, enforced with a durable leather-wrapped metal tray, you can easily store up to 5-6 cigars, including ring gauges up to 60 and heights of up to 7.5 inches.

Peter James also believes any cigar lover would be lost without their tools, so we designed our cigar cases to provide plenty of storage without having to worry about the wear and tear. The Forest cigar organizer includes:

  • A pocket with a built-in leather tab and magnetic secure to make sure your device, with a stylish leather tab to ensure your phone stays right where you need it.
  • Another large pocket provides convenient storage of oversized lighters/cutters, car keys, passport, or wallet. Just like your device, a magnet clip keeps them safe.
  • Two covered magnetic pouches for easy access, helping you to keep those smaller items separate and organized.
  • A convenient middle sleeve where you can comfortably store your pen or cigar tool.


The interior is what gives this piece its name, with a smooth Santiago Forrest leather liner that is premium corrected and grain printed. Each of our high-quality, hand-made cases is trimmed with UV and rout resistant nylon cable. Clean and strong stitching details the shape and features in all the right places, keeping it secure and supported from the inside out.

With a cigar case this reliable, it would be wrong not to put a little shine on it, so we added the gold zipper as an added feature to give it some teeth, pun definitely intended.