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Diamond Mamba


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Peter James Diamond Mamba Handmade Leather Organizer

A tribute to a beautiful species known to shelter in hollows, under rocks, in abandoned mammal burrows and tree branches. The Diamond Mamba Generation IV cigar organizer by Peter James embodies the character of the python, adding subtle and discreet touches of diamond mamba print throughout the case. At first glance, the Diamond Mamba cigar case may seem ordinary; until you open a compartment to unveil the beauty of the mamba in a black diamond finish.


Today, less than 10% of the world’s leather is crafted using this traditional vegetable tanning method, making this cigar organizer a rare treat for anyone who has a passion for good craftsmanship that performs both in practical function and balancing modern and traditional aesthetics.


To protect your favorite tobacco, or whatever brand matches today’s suit, we outfitted the Diamond Mamba organizer. We specialize in making the most out of your cigar travel accessories, and this case comes equipped with:

  • A durable and stylized center pouch for our Generation IV. Enforced with a durable leather-wrapped metal tray, you can easily store up to 5-6 cigars, including ring gauges up to 60 and heights of up to 7.5 inches.

Of course, with a look that can go from the boardroom to a boys night out, we had to make sure you can comfortably secure your necessities. If you spent money on a quality cigar toolset, this is the place to store those crucial items. The Diamond Mamba cigar organizer includes:

  • A pocket with a built-in leather tab and magnetic secure to make sure your device, with a stylish leather tab to ensure your phone stays right where you need it.
  • Another large pocket providing convenient storage of oversized lighters/cutters, car keys, passport, or wallet. Just like your device, a magnet clip keeps them safe.
  • Two covered magnetic pouches for easy access, helping you to keep those smaller items separate and organized.
  • A convenient middle sleeve where you can comfortably store your pen or cigar tool.


The interior doesn’t just offer meaningful functionality, but a vibrant Santiago Onyx liner premium corrected, grain printed leather. Just like the rest of the new Generation IV Cigar Aficionado organizers, this hand-made case is carefully stitched together with UV and rout resistant nylon cable, so you can be confident this expertly crafted case knows how to keep it together. Finishing off this sleek design is a silver zipper from, with hardware created by well-respected craftsmen at YKK.