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Peter James Masters Handmade Leather Organizer

As a tribute to the rich and prestigious heritage of the Masters Championship, we crafted the Masters Green cigar organizer using an eye-catching shade of green that gives it a confident and mellow vibe to match an afternoon on the back nine with fellow golf enthusiasts. This design stands out against the crowd, balanced with a members-only look that downplays its versatility. If you need a fresh new 5 to 6 cigar travel case, this is the best place to start!


Hand-made using vegetable-tanned leather with natural plant materials activated in the tanning process. This centuries-old tanning method helps cultivate more body and character in our leather, and vegetable tanning also tends to age better. For Peter James, we focus on creating pieces that withstand the test of time.


The heart of any luxury cigar case is a durable and stylized center pouch. For our Generation IV, we lined this crucial space with a durable leather-wrapped metal tray, allowing for safekeeping for 5-6 cigars, including ring gauges up to 60 and heights of up to 7.5 inches. Why? Because any case worth the tobacco inside should offer reliable, crush-resistant protection. But we didn’t stop there, as this generation was crafted to optimize storage space with your convenience in mind. This includes:

  • Built-in pocket for your device, with a stylish leather tab to ensure your phone stays secure.
  • A larger pocket allows for easy storage of oversized lighters/cutters, car keys, passport, or wallet, while keeping them safe and in place with a magnet clip.
  • Two covered magnetic pouches for easy access, helping you to keep those smaller items separate and organized.
  • A convenient middle sleeve where you can comfortably store your pen or cigar tool.


We know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, so we used premium corrected grain printed Santiago leather to line the heart of each Generation IV Cigar Aficionado organizer. All of this is carefully stitched together with an incredibly strong nylon cable that is both UV and rout resistant, adding even greater durability that never forces you to sacrifice for design. The trim is subtle and clean, pulling the whole look neatly together.

To help seal the deal, the Master Green piece is set off by the solid gold zipper.