Trinidad Vigia
Box of 15 Tubos

Length: 4.30” (110mm)
Ring Gauge: 54
Strength: Medium Body
Vitola de Galera: Torres
Presentation: 5 cardboard packs with 3 cigars each inside their tubos
Origin: Cuba


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Not a lot of people know this trivia, but the name Vigia comes from the watchtowers overlooking the sugarcane fields in the Cuban city of Trinidad, giving its name to the brand.

The Trinidad brand dates back to 1969 and, exactly like Cohiba, it was gifted only to important international figures and foreign diplomats as a flagship of Cuba.

The demand was so high in these long and thin cigars – widely known as Lanceros, that Trinidad was born as a brand in 1998 when they introduced their portfolio to the general public.

The Trinidad Fundadores were the first-ever vitola of the brand to be available to the public and from 1998 to 2003 it was the only cigar of the brand. In 2003 the Trinidad Reyes, Trinidad Coloniales, and Trinidad Robusto Extra were added to the brand’s portfolio and the band changed its looks.